Private Hire

Why not host your next party or gathering at Black Wax??

The venue is available to hire any day of the week from 5-11pm. The capacity is around 25 seated and 20 standing or 60 standing if the tables are removed. We charge hire fee of £100 and a staff member will be on hand at all times.

Q – Can we play music?
A- You can either pick a spotify playlist, connect to our system via Bluetooth or bring records and use our record deck.
Q – Can we move the furniture and decorate?
A – Anything in the front area can be moved and decorations can be put up. No sellotape on the walls or glitter.
Q – Can we use the record shop area?
A- No food, drink or general mingling is allowed in this area as the records are easily damaged.
Q – Can we bring food and drink?
A -Yes you can bring anything you wish
Q – Can we buy coffee, cake, shakes and smoothies
A- Yes you can buy these on the night but no food is available.
Q – Can we bring alcohol?
A – Yes we are a licenced premises and alcohol can brought in.
Q – Can we use your kitchen?
A – I’m afraid our kitchen unavailable to use.

Any other questions email – [email protected]